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  • Meghan Davis

Waiting on Baby

It's hard to believe that these images were taken nearly seven months ago. I can still feel the energy radiating from that beautiful, expecting mother as she almost literally glowed with anticipation.

Her sweet baby girl would be joining us only a few short weeks later. We actually had a beautiful winter day. It was crisp but not terribly cold. The sun was shining, which helped a bit, and momma was so excited. She and her husband couldn't wait to add a new baby to the family, where a few dog siblings were already waiting!

I think one of the hard things about maternity photos is that, without direction in styling, we as mom's don't always feel attractive towards the end of pregnancy. Our ankles are swollen, our back's hurt, and sometimes nothing fits quite the way that we were hoping. I love the Jess trusted me and the vision I had for her. This Sew Trendy maternity gown looked like a dream on her, and it helped her feel like the goddess that every mother really is.

Pregnancy can feel like a long time as we adjust and time seems to crawl, but we blink and we're watching our baby welcome a new tooth, take a first step, or leave off for their first day of school. This time that feels like it lasts forever fades in a blink. Let me help you feel like the goddess you are, as you grow your family and prepare to welcome your newborn into this world. This isn't just a milestone for your baby. This is a milestone for your family, and most importantly you!

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