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  • Meghan Davis

Tough Decisions

Just over a week ago, I was excitedly preparing for newborn, milestone, and birthday sessions. The outfits were set, colors chosen. As excited as I was, there was the looming threat of something new. A pandemic virus was seeping into the country. An invisible and dangerous threat had finally seeped into Michigan.

I emphasize the importance of the newborn window a lot. The first two weeks of newborn life are often the most pliable window for adorable posed newborn portraits. Your sweet little one is still sleeping a vast majority of the day, and their body is still used to being maneuvered into positions that are sweet and cozy to them, but not to most children or adults. Even though this is the window I prefer to book in, it's important to note that EVERY baby is different. I have had 3 day old infants in the studio that refused to sleep for their portraits and hated to be swaddled. I've had five week old infants in that were calm the entire time, never messed on a backdrop, and never woke for a feeding. Two weeks tends to be a standard guideline, but it is not the end all, be all.

A month ago, this situation never truly crossed my mind. My life was stable, things seemed safe, and I didn't worry that typical day to day life could actually put me and those I love most at risk. Today, my stomach churns with the thought of how the world will emerge when this virus has finished its sweep.

My goal is to remain transparent as possible when it comes to business decisions that affect my clients. The way I typically offer business is a bit more hands on than many photographers in my area. I want to meet you and chat. Plan your perfect session with you. This part can be done on the phone or through email if needed, but a session cannot be done without close space contact. Once your session is complete, your in person reveal is another physical contact, whether in the comfort of your own home, or back in the studio.

I have two children, daughters. They are two and six now, and sometimes I still get teary eyed watching them grow and remembering how small they used to be. On an average day, they may drive me crazy once or twice, but I would literally throw myself in front of a bear if it meant my babies were safe. Children are pure and innocent and should be protected. Thinking of my own babies, I felt that it was the right thing to do in closing my doors at this time. Yes, I'm sad that my sessions are delayed. I'm sad for the tiniest newborn features that will have already shifted by the time I see the next newborn in my studio. I am sad for the milestone session that may be skipped as it's moved to the next milestone for capture.

I take comfort in knowing that the families that trust me to capture their babies frozen in time, trust me to make the right decision for their safety. I emphasize the importance of photographs so often, but safety trumps the picture any and every day of the week.

Since I closed my doors, Michigan's positive Coronavirus tests have skyrocketed. We are over 4,000 cases at this time, and as the spread continues to rise from the south-east corner of the state, I feel more and more that I made the right decision closing the doors when I did. My studio sits quiet, and the air feels a little heavy with the uncertainty I feel with the world right now; but my babies are safe. My house is safe. Hopefully all of my clients remain safe, and their babies remain healthy in this scary time for everyone.

If you can, please stay inside. Stay safe.

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