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  • Meghan Davis

Ivy Stephania- Newborn Miracle

Ivy is a special baby. All babies are special, but I feel like I've been waiting my whole life for this newborn to come to my studio. I grew up with her mom. She was my first and longest best friend. Most of my childhood memories include Ivy's mom, Jessie, and Jessie's mom Stephania.

As a child, I spent a lot of time with Jessie and her family. I went to the store with them. I went to an amausement park with them. Most of my childhood memories include Jessie, her late brother, and their parents.

I remember when I was expecting my first baby, and we were at lunch. I remember Jessie's face when she talked about her own struggles, and my heart broke for her.

Jessie's mom was a good woman. Selfless and strong. Pure hearted. Don't get me wrong, we found enough trouble as children, but Jessie's mom was always there for anyone who needed her, regardless of what they had done to earn her kindness. Stephania left this world far too early after a heroic battle with brain cancer. The world was certainly a better place with her and anyone that knew her would agree.

So much sadness in such a wonderful family can really rip your heart out. This was a family that deserved to win the lottery; not lose out on a brother, a mother, a future.

Two months after Stephania passed, Jessie found out she was expecting. I have no doubt in my mind that her mother immediately found a way to charm every angel, and that the kindness she had shown in this life to everyone had built up the option to ask a favor of God. Stephania loved her daughter, and no person is ever ready to lose their loved ones, regardless of whether there appears to be time to prepare.

Ivy was sent by the angels, handpicked by her grandmother in Heaven, and given God's blessing to be the miracle and new person Jessie needed in her life. Ivy is such a beautiful baby for so many reasons, and I truly believe that her grandmother had a hand in it.

Ivy, you are so loved and do blessed to be born into a family like Jessie's. You will know so much love as you grow and cross each milestone, and I am so blessed to have been able to capture your newborn portraits. I can't wait to watch you grow.

newborn baby girl
Ivy, photographed wearing the necklace of her grandmother Stephania

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