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the girl behind the camera

About me.... I live a simple but busy life. I have a wonderfully supportive husband, and two beautiful girls that first inspired me to pick up a camera. I have a full time job in mental health therapy, but my soul shines most when working with newborns and young children behind the camera!

Likes. The color green. Sunrises. Country life. The smell of the air right before a thunderstorm. A good book. Swimming. Kayaking. The colors of Fall. Dark chocolate. Skittles. Pink Starbursts.. 

Dislikes. Most Veggies (I know....I know....). Construction season. Energy suckers. Michigan potholes. Movies with crappy endings. Lack of turn signals.

Education. I have my Masters in Counseling (MA, LPC, NCC) and specialize in addiction (CAADC) as I work towards further supervisory credentials (CCS). I love photography work shops and am self taught in my editing skills. I'm always looking for more ways to improve my skills and education both as a therapist, and as a photographer.

Photo on the left of my first and strongest support, my husband Kevin (this man has been putting up with me for over 10 years now!), our dog Remi, and myself. Photo credit to Whittni Yurk.

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